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The Campaign Group is a spin off from the activities that the Link Up Club organises.
If we consider that an access problem exists we enter into discussion with the management of the venue in question to see if reasonable adjustments can be made.
The group meets every Thursday at the Chester Skills Development Centre and is part of Scope's day service programme.
Participants discuss points of discrimination and access experienced by the Link-Up Club members on their leisure activities or in their every day individual lives within their own community. The members regularly go out on fieldwork in order to offer local businesses an access assessment service based on the Disability Rights Commission's October 2004 criteria.
It is hoped that the offer of this service will help local businesses to comply with the law and to improve access to all disabled people.
Furthermore, it should help to increase disability awareness and assuage any fears with regard to the employment of disabled people.

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Election 2010 - 'Question Time'

Thursday, April 08, 2010


On Thursday the 8th of April we held a Hustings event at the SDC. We invited Christine Russell (Labour) Stephen Mosley(Conservative) and Rob Jordan from the (Liberal Democrats) to be on the panel. The aim of the meeting was for service users to ask questions and get answers from the panel to help them to decide who to vote for in General Election on the 6th of May. Questions put to the panel covered International, National and Local issues as well as questions on disability both personal to the questioner and environmental. I asked the panel what the difference between their party and the others was on local issues while Gary Fisher asked why Chester no longer had a football team or theatre. Christine Russell replied “I think it is really sad that Chester does not have a football club, and we should get behind the Chester football fans with a view of starting a new club, she also felt that the Gateway theatre needs to be refurbish and should be reopened.”Stephen reply was “if we were to open the Gateway theatre if would cost £300,000 as it does not comply with DDA 2005”. Rob added “I was on the committee when the decision was made to close the Gateway after a lot of performances were cancelled, he added it was a cross party decision to close it.”

Karen Doyle's question to the candidates was how they would improve the access in Chester City centre for disabled people. Stephen replied was” Central Government had said we were spending too much money on the roads. Rob added that he used to work for the council and was told by the council to stop brushing the streets to save money on the budget. Christine added that the local council had been given £1.5m to fix the potholes around the city by the Department of transport. Rob Lowe asked about the Afghan war while Wendy Howarth wondered how the panel might go about monitoring and enforcing the Disability Discrimination Act. Liz Evans asked how the image of politicians might be improved given the recent scandals over expenses and lobbying for cash and Lucinda Roberts from Scope HQ in London asked what the panel could do to remove the barriers to disabled people who want to stand for election?

Our Hustings event got good coverage on local radio station Dee 106.3, as they aired recorded interviews with the 3 politicians and Scope staff. We were very disappointed with the full page spread in the Chester Standard however as they did not cover the event from our angle at all. They just printed 3 questions and answers word for word without bothering to ask the names of the questioners or enquire as to Scopes aims and objectives in staging the event in the first place. They even cut David Long, who chaired the debate brilliantly, out of the photo.

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